cuomorochesterAs the Board of Regents moves to create a process for teachers to appeal the findings of their performance evaluations, the idea gained the endorsement of Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Both the teacher evaluations and an appeals system for teachers doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive, Cuomo said on Wednesday.

“Yes, I think they should have an appeals process, I think there should be an evaluation process, but it should be fair and it should be transparent,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo, a key architect of the current evaluation system approved by state lawmakers in the March budget plan, told reporters there “should be an appeals process” out of fairness to teachers.

“That evaluation has to be fair and it has to be transparent,” Cuomo said while in Rochester. “It’s only right if a teacher believes that if the evaluation is wrong, they should have a right to an appeals process. You’re talking about their evaluation that could determine their seniority, their raise, etc.”

The evaluation system ties the results to in-classroom observation and the results of standardized examinations and teachers who perform poorly on the reviews can either lose or not be granted tenure.

The New York State United Teachers, an umbrella union organization, called on the Board of Regents to vote down a package of regulations that would enact the new evaluation criteria.

School districts must approve the new evaluation criteria or risk losing a boost in state aid.

Support for the appeals process comes as the governor is moving toward an overhaul of the Common Core standards themselves, convening a panel that is due to come back with recommendations in time for the January State of the State address.

“We have to do a better job of Common Core,” Cuomo said, “and I want to know what we need to fix.”