From the Morning Memo:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is pledging a “full campaign” to enact a gradual increase of the state’s minimum wage to $15, he said on Thursday in New York City.

The campaign is expected to include pressure on the state Legislature — especially the GOP-led Senate and lawmakers who represent battleground districts — to pass the measure, which has become a symbolic push for advocates for low-wage workers as well as the labor movement.

Already, SEIU is airing a campaign-style TV ad praising Cuomo’s efforts on the wage push.

“We’re going to have a full campaign to pass the $15 an hour,” Cuomo told reporters in the city. “There’s going to be a lot of parties involved. We want to educate people on what it means and get people motivated. There will be opposition and there will be support. My goal is to energize the support so we get it passed. A lot of times these issues come down to who is better at making their case, frankly.”

He added: “I’m saying that we need to raise the minimum wage because we have low-wage workers who can’t make it in this city on $18,000-a-year. It’s math. It’s third-grade math.”

Cuomo’s challenge will come early this morning, when he is set to meet with the Business Council and speak at their annual meeting in Bolton Landing, outside of Lake George.

The Business Council, which endorsed him a year ago for his re-election bid, has been staunchly opposed to previous minimum wage increase proposals.

The group was against an administrative raise in the wage for fast-food workers, which the Cuomo administration approved this month.