cuomohochulGov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday defended his administration’s record on hiring and paying women after an analysis found the upper echelon of his office is male dominated.

In responding, Cuomo pointed to the addition of his lieutenant governor, Kathy Hochul, who replaced Bob Duffy on the statewide gubernatorial ticket last year.

And he noted that the majority of his nominations for the state’s highest court — the Court of Appeals — have been women.

“I don’t know who did that study or what the basis of what it was,” Cuomo claimed during a stop in Rochester. “We have been very active in recruiting women all across the board. We have my lieutenant governor, Kathy Hochul, you look at the Court of Appeals. You look at the leadership all across this state.”

He added: “I’m very proud of the inclusion of women.”

An analysis by Politico New York on Tuesday found women in the governor’s executive chamber earn 73 cents for every dollar a male staffer earns — a ratio that is even wider than the pay gap of 84 cents Cuomo has cited when he pushes for pay equity measures.

Hochul, who responded to the story on Tuesday, said she had been tasked by Cuomo to bring more women into the administration and public service.