hochulwbcLt. Gov. Kathy Hochul defended Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration’s record on hiring and paying women, saying she’s “living proof” of a commitment to promote women in government.

“I think that I represent the governor’s commitment to promoting women whenever he has the ability to do so,” Hochul said. “I’m living proof of that.”

Hochul was responding to a story in Politico New York on Tuesday that found women who work in the executive chamber are not paid as much as male staffers, who dominate the upper echelons of the administration’s inner circle.

Hochul, who spoke on Tuesday at the Women’s Business Council’s luncheon outside of Albany, said Cuomo had asked to recruit more women for public service and draw them into the administration.

“But also, he has asked me to become engaged and find more women to be involved in his administration and I do that,” she said. “We’re out there trying to recruit women. He puts a high premium on the value of the advice they bring to the administration. So, I see women everywhere I go.”

In her remarks to the gathering, Hochul said the Cuomo administration would continue to make a concerted effort at promoting businesses owned by minorities and women. A forum for minority and women-owned businesses is scheduled for October.

Hochul replaced Lt. Gov. Bob Duffy on the Democratic ticket last year as Cuomo’s runningmate. Cuomo last year placed an emphasis on women’s issues in the run up to the election against Republican Rob Astorino.