testsFormer Time Warner and Citigroup CEO Dick Parsons will lead Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s latest effort to overhaul the controversial Common Core education standards in New York, his office on Monday announced.

The panel will be charged with reviewing the standards and making a package of recommendations aimed at overhauling the standards.

The panel was formed as the Department of Education forms its own committee to review the standards.

The Parsons-led commission — which also includes Education Commissioner MaryEllen Elia — is expected to have its recommendations ready by January, time for the governor to deliver his State of the State address.

“We can all agree that our students deserve every opportunity they can to learn and grow – and having tough, fair standards is crucial to ensuring that they receive those opportunities,” Parsons said in a statement “I am happy to serve as chair of the Common Core Task Force, because I believe that this is the opportunity we need to fix New York’s education standards and improve the lives and learning outcomes of students across the state. By performing an in-depth review of everything from curriculum to testing, we can lay out exactly what needs to be done to fix the Common Core. I am grateful to Governor Cuomo for asking me to lead this important endeavor, and I am eager to get to work.”

Parson led one of the previous Cuomo-backed education commissions, the New NY Education Reform Commission.

Cuomo has criticized the roll out of Common Core by the Department of Education in New York, which he said has led to confusion and uncertainty for parents and students.

But Cuomo has also embraced the nationwide push to overhaul teacher evaluations, with the most recent changes approved in the 2015-16 state budget. The new evaluation system ties performance evaluations for teachers to both the Common Core-based examinations and in-classroom observation, while linking the results to tenure, which was also made more difficult to obtain.

The panel comes, too, after an estimated 20 percent of students opted out of standardized examinations in English-Language Arts and math in April.

Cuomo and education officials have suggested the number of tests students are subjected to will be eased in the coming school years.

Cuomo’s office also released a video featuring the governor, who acknowledged changes are needed to the standards.

“I have heard the message clearly,” Cuomo said in the video. “We must taken action and we must take action now to fix our schools.”