upstatenyFrom the Morning Memo:

The push by some hydrofracking and Second Amendment supporters in the Southern Tier to have the region sever its ties from the rest of New York is unlikely to be successful.

But the secession push in New York is nothing new, nor is it historically confined to the upstate region.

“New York City politicians for many, many years — going back for a century or more — have chafed at decisions made in Albany and they have their own interests in having more autonomy,” said EJ McMahon, the president of the Empire Center for New York State Policy.

While upstate residents may oppose Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s gun control policies, New York City officials in recent years have sought to exert their authority over issues like the income tax and minimum wage.

“In the (state) Constitution, you could change the nature of powers of state government relative to local government,” McMahon said. “You could, for instance, devolve certain powers of the state government to county level governments.”

And their just happens to be a referendum before voters in 2017 for a constitutional convention that could consider revising or completing rewriting the existing document, which has been in effect since 1938.

While secession may not be feasible, limiting the power of state government — or at least granting some privileges over local control to county governments — might be.

“What is feasible for people to think about is a different state constitutional arrangement on the issue of home rule, on the issue of how we devolve state powers down to the local level,” McMahon said.

On Tuesday at the state fairgrounds, Cuomo acknowledged there is more work to do, especially for the Southern Tier economy.

“We have other regions where we have more work to do and I will be the first to admit it. Parts of the Southern Tier — we have more work to do,” Cuomo said. “We have more work in bringing back jobs. The state can only do so much, then it’s up to the localities. But Southern Tier, there’s more work to do, no doubt about it.”