Western New York Congressman Chris Collins has never been shy about touting the skills of those who work for him or defending them from criticism when he feels it’s necessary.  Wednesday, while announcing his now former Chief of Staff has taken a new job, he offered his take on a well-publicized investigation.

“There’s nothing there and there never was anything there and it should be an embarrassment to the U.S. Attorney that this even happened,” Collins said.

Back in May, state investigators raided the Buffalo condo of former Erie County Democratic Committee Chairman Steve Pigeon. Documents and electronics were also taken from the homes of former Buffalo Deputy Mayor Steve Casey and Collins’ longtime aide Chris Grant.

“It was a tragedy to put them through it, the other two individuals as well as their families, but I think it’s very telling those six months after the fact there’s not a peep or anything coming forth to suggest any wrong doing,” said Collins.

Those interviewed as part of the investigation said it centered on the Pigeon-backed political action committee the WNY Progressive Caucus. The PAC funded 2013 challenges to Democratic Party-endorsed candidates in several local races. According to several sources, Casey and Grant partnered to produce political mailers.

Pigeon’s PAC hired them to produce some of these mailers, one of which caught the attention of the Erie County Board of Elections. By phone Wednesday night, Pigeon had no comment. Collins did.

“Call it the political witch-hunt of the Attorney General, calling the press to watch folks show up at someone’s house to take away electronic information and trying to suggest that somehow work wasn’t done when the Buffalo News themselves did all the printing of the direct mail, makes it laughable on its face,” Collins said

As first reported by the Buffalo News, Grant, who was not available for comment Wednesday night, announced he’s taking a position with Axiom Strategies. The company is the largest GOP direct-mail political consulting firm in the country and Collins said they fully vetted Grant and the AG’s investigation before hiring him.

Multiple sources tell Time Warner Cable News they believe the investigation is still open but at least one person familiar with the case said it is odd there’s been no movement. Neither the U.S. Attorney’s office nor the Attorney General’s office had immediate comment Wednesday night.

Buffalo-based U.S. Attorney William Hochul recused himself early on because he’s married to Lt. Governor Kathy Hochul. Sources tell us the case was handled by Hochul’s assistant, J.P. Kennedy.

“I knew all along there was nothing there and it’s not the way law enforcement should conduct themselves, but in New York State we’ve seen overzealous folks trying to get the press (there) before and it happened again and I hope at some point they stand up and admit that everything they did was politically based and inappropriate and apologize to Mr. Grant,” Collins said.

Grant, 34, spent a decade with Collins serving as his chief-of-staff when he was Erie County Executive before assuming the same role when Collins was elected to Congress in 2012.

“I am going to miss him a lot but he is going to be working for the top political consulting firm in the country and I intend to, when needed, to avail myself of his services as client of his,” Collins said.  “So I’m sorry to see him go but I always like to see folks on my staff move up into new positions that recognize their abilities.”