brunoFormer Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno announced on Friday the bulk of his leftover campaign and legal defense fund cash — some $1.4 million — will be transferred to the Senate Republican Campaign Committee.

Bruno announced in a press release sent out by his longtime spokesman John McArdle that he would close out the remainder of his campaign account as well as a legal defense fund formed to help him fight federal corruption charges, with most of the money going to help the GOP maintain control of the chamber.

An additional $100,000 from Bruno’s accounts will be donated to the Tech Valley High School Foundation, aiding a school the Rensselaer County Republican was instrumental in helping create.

Bruno in his statement said it was “more important than ever” that Republicans maintain control of the Senate in a state otherwise dominated by Democrats.

“As Republican leader it was my job to return Republicans to the Majority every two years to assure there was balance in a government dominated by Democrats,” Bruno said in a statement. “I strongly believe that preserve that balance and maintaining a Republican majority is more important than ever. That, unfortunately, will take a significant effort and it’s my hope these funds will help maintain a Republican majority that will continue to focus on creating jobs and economic growth, good schools and quality health care.”

For the Republicans, the help the money will bring can’t be understated in what is expected to be a challenging cycle.

The $1.4 million will swell the GOP coffers heading into an election year in which Republicans are defending a narrow majority in the chamber. The Republican effort to hold the Senate is even more complicated by the upcoming presidential race, when more Democratic voters come out to the polls, aiding down-ballot races.

The conference, too, lost the financial support from the deep-pocketed Michael Bloomberg, who as mayor of New York City contributed heavily to the Senate GOP, including a $1 million contribution to their campaign’s soft-money account.

Senate Republicans earlier this month reported having $1.1 million in cash on hand, having raised $590,685 since July.

The GOP’s campaign committee spent heavily to shore up Republican Fred Akshar’s effort to keep a Binghamton-area district in their control in a special election to fill the seat held by Tom Libous.

Bruno, who served as the chamber’s majority leader from 1994 through 2008, was indicted in 2009 on corruption charges and convicted later that year on a theft of honest services charge.

But the conviction was later called into question when it was overturned on an appeal in 2011 following a Supreme Court ruling on the charge he was found guilty under.

Federal prosecutors again sought to bring charges against Bruno, with a second trial being held in 2014 and he was acquitted of the charges.

Updated: Senate Democratic spokesman Mike Murphy in a statement blasted Republicans for accepting money from Bruno, tying him to the legal troubles of previous GOP leaders Tom Libous and Dean Skelos.

Skelos is awaiting trial on federal corruption charges. Libous was convicted in July of a charge of lying to the FBI and is expected to appeal. Bruno was acquitted of his corruption charges.

Senate Democrats also pointed to a measure introduced that block state taxpayer reimbursement for a campaign account for legal defense or attorneys fees should the money be used in criminal cases in which there is an acquittal.

Bruno was reimbursed $2.4 million by the state from the state following his acquittal.

“It is not surprising that the Republican Conference that brought us Dean Skelos and Tom Libous would accept this money from Joe Bruno,” Muprhy said. “This million dollar payoff is a glaring example of the desperate need to reform New York State election law, we need to close this loophole and the Senate Republicans should return this money to the taxpayers immediately.”