Governor Andrew Cuomo’s campaign has put its Mets fundraiser on hold. The administration was offering tickets to attend the first two World Series games at Citi Field this weekend. The price of one ticket? $5,500.

“Given the overwhelming demand for tickets for Friday and Saturday night’s games, we have decided to reschedule this weekend’s events to a future date so that more tickets are available. We will all be cheering on the Amazins this weekend as they make history and bring down the Royals. Let’s Go Mets!‎” said a Cuomo spokesperson

The cancellation comes after good government groups criticized the fundraiser.

“There is a question frankly of abuse of his office. Has the Governor traded on his official position to get a benefit which he then is using for his personal campaign’s gain? That would be illegal.” said Susan Lerner of Common Cause

According to the Cuomo spokesperson, about 20 tickets per game held by the campaign have been returned to the Mets. The governor used campaign money to pay for his trip to Kansas City Tuesday night for game one of the World Series.