CuomobuffaloGov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday insisted that he had neither been issued a subpoena or questioned by federal investigators in the ongoing investigation into the Buffalo Billion economic development program.

Cuomo, in Albany for a wine, beer and spirits summit, provided some of his most extensive answers to date on the U.S. attorney’s probe into program’s contracting process.

He downplayed the reported subpoenas, pointing to his own tenure as the state attorney general.

“I was attorney general,” he said. “I did hundreds of investigations because I read something or heard something and wanted to follow up. That doesn’t mean anything is awry,” he told reporters. “I did hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of subpoenas and maybe one out of 20 amounted to anything.”

The Buffalo Billion economic development program was formed by the Cuomo administration as a way to boost the economy of western New York, long considered a laggard compared to the rest of the state.

But the spending — which has included large-scale construction projects in Buffalo and the western New York region in order to entice high-tech companies to settle there — has come under scrutiny from U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s office, which is reviewing the contracting process by SUNY Nanotech, as well as the request for proposal process performed for construction firm LP Ciminelli.

Asked today if he believed Bharara was “fishing” through the investigation, Cuomo responded: “It’s not fishing, that’s what you do. But it doesn’t mean either, someone is guilty.”

But at the same time, Cuomo said he would not undertake his own review of the Buffalo Billion contracting process, saying he would let the investigation take its course.

If you ask an attorney if a U.S. attorney is investigating something they should start asking questions about it, they would say no,” he said. “If you knew there was a problem, then you would fix the problem. But we don’t know any problem.”

Cuomo also denied he had been issued a subpoena in the case, though he seemingly left the door open to his staff having been questioned in the case.

“He asked me if I have received a subpoena, I said no,” Cuomo said.

Cuomo spokesman Rich Azzopardi later clarified in a statement, saying neither the governor nor his staff have been questioned or issued subpoenas in the investigation.

“To be clear, neither the Governor, nor his staff has been questioned or subpoenaed on the Buffalo Billion project,” he said. “Going forward any questions should be referred to the U.S. Attorney.”