womensequalityThe Women’s Equality Party remains weighed down by more than $40,000 in debt, recent campaign finance filings show.

The party reported on Friday with the Board of Elections having raised no money since July, and reported having spent $3,500 on mail costs since July. The part also reported a $25 bank fee.

Overall, the ballot line formed last year by Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s re-election campaign has $3,131 in cash on hand, down from the $6,656 it reported this summer.

But the party itself continues to carry a heavy debt load: $40,730, the bulk of which appears to from $34,835 owed to 80/20 Consulting left over from 2014.

The line was formed last year as a way to promote women’s issues in the statewide elections, but drew criticism from liberals that it was siphoning votes from the labor-backed Working Families Party.

The filing comes as candidates around the state running in local races this November were tossed from the ballot line or denied access.

A broader fight is being played out by three different groups seeking to control the ballot line, including a group led by Cuomo, a separate push from former state Sen. Cecilia Tkaczyk and a third by two Niagara County clerks.

A state Supreme Court judge ruled that none of the groups have a claim over the party’s leadership as a majority of the statewide candidates who ran on the line last year have not signed off on a package of rules for the party.

The ruling is being appealed.