Starting this weekend, Effective NY’s Bill Samuels will be hitting the airwaves. The professional agitator will host an hour-long radio show on Sundays at 11:00 am on AM970 in New York City. Samuels’ show will be a mixture of opinion, news and interviews. And it will follow the Sunday morning radio show hosted by businessman and former Mayoral candidate John Catsimatidis on the same station.

Morgan Pehme, former Editor-in-Chief of City and State Magazine will serve as co-host and produce the radio program, which will be titled “Effective Radio with Bill Samuels.”

Samuels has a long history of activism in progressive politics, including organizing against the Vietnam War in the 1970s. In his business career he built ACTV which produced patents for interactive television. Eventually those patents were sold to an affiliate of Liberty Media for a hefty sum, allowing Samuels to use his windfall to run for office, flirt with running for office, and help shape the debate from the left by speaking out on issues and challenging candidates to adopt policies he advocates for. One of Samuels’ key issues is campaign finance reform. In 2010, Samuels ran for Lieutenant Governor independent of Andrew Cuomo who was mounting his first successful campaign for Governor. According to Samuels ( and this is a matter of some dispute ), Cuomo promised to enact campaign finance reform at the State level in exchange for Bill dropping out. Ultimately Cuomo failed to deliver. The Governor blamed divided government, but Samuels was disappointed Cuomo didn’t use his clout to push it through like he did on say, Gay Marriage.

The two men were officially at loggerheads.

In 2014, Samuels floated his name as a potential Lieutenant Governor candidate once again, but ultimately decided not to run. Beyond just campaign finance, throughout Cuomo’s tenure as Governor, Samuels has been a consistent critic, claiming Cuomo has not embraced the progressive ideals he espouses.

Asked about the new radio venture, and his previous criticisms of the Cuomo Administration, Rich Azzopardi, a spokesman for the Governor said, “We have no comment on anything Samuels has to say.”

Like the Cuomo’s, there is a history of activism and politics in the Samuels family. Bill’s father, Howard served as U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce under President Lyndon Johnson. And the ties go even deeper here…Howard then ran for Governor with Mario Cuomo as his Lieutenant Governor Candidate in 1974. Howard was defeated by Hugh Carey.

“Effective Radio with Bill Samuels” has it’s first broadcast this Sunday, the 25th.