From the Morning Memo:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s feud with New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is gaining a supporting player: Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino.

Last week, Astorino joked the governor was in need of his county’s mental health services.

Astorino has formed alliances with Cuomo’s critics before.

Last year, he appeared in a news conference with Democratic primary challenger Zephyr Teachout. But that was during an election season, when Cuomo was feeling pressure from the left flank of his party.

The Astorino-de Blasio team up, while likely temporary, comes a month before state lawmakers are due to return to Albany for the legislative session.

In other words, governing has to get done soon, for all ides.

On Wednesday last week, he continued his attacks against Cuomo in a radio interview with Talk 1300.

“Yeah, I think this guy does need some serious help,” Astorino said. “I mean, he’s obsessed with me, he’s obsessed with de Blasio, there’s no reason to do that. He’s the governor, act like the governor.”

The de Blasio feud spilled out into the public earlier this year when the mayor sharply criticized the governor for siding with Senate Republicans during the legislative session. Astorino says that since then, Cuomo’s agenda has been defined by going after de Blasio.

“I honestly believe the governor is like a scorpion. Unless he is angry, unless he’s biting somebody, he can’t function,” said Astorino.

Astorino is considering another bid for governor in 2018 and Cuomo has said he plans to seek a third term.

Cuomo has insisted his feelings weren’t necessarily hurt.

“You know, I gave up feelings a long time ago. I don’t know if you can have feelings in this business,” he said.

Nevertheless, Cuomo criticized de Blasio for standing with Astorino, who is well-known for socially conservative views, but Cuomo himself has worked closely with conservative Republicans, including New Jersey Governor Chris Christie.

“I can tell you the Republican I ran against – this is a Republican who is against a woman’s right to choose, this is a man who wants to lock refugees out of this country. It is not a person I would stand next to,” Cuomo said.