Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters in Rochester on Wednesday he agreed with a push from a coalition of construction, trade and business groups that are calling for parity in infrastructure projects upstate.

“They’re right,” Cuomo said. “We always fund transportation needs all around the state and we need to fund them upstate and we need to fund them downstate. There’s no doubt about that.”

Attention is being cast on upstate New York’s crumbling roads and bridges after Cuomo’s office and Mayor Bill de Blasio this summer agreed to a boost in funding for the capital fund for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority over the next five years.

The agreement includes the state committing $8.3 billion as part of Saturday’s announcement, while city will fund the plan for $2.5 billion — $700 million below an initial MTA-backed request. The MTA services mass transportation in New York City and the surrounding area.

A coalition of groups — dubbed Rebuild NY Now — have called for a comparable boost in spending for the Department of Transportation’s own capital projects fund as well.

The added spending for the DOT — which would primarily benefit upstate regions — has been backed by Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan as well as the Assembly speaker, Carl Heastie.