Gov. Andrew Cuomo insisted his relationship with Mayor Bill de Blasio is “good” despite the public disagreements that have erupted between the state’s two most prominent Democrats.

At the same time, Cuomo gently chided the press for focusing on the “soap opera” between their two offices.

“The relationship is good,” Cuomo told reporters in Puerto Rico on Thursday. “You guys love to talk about the soap opera of a relationship and you’re looking for drama in a relationship.”

The comment is a bit difficult to believe, however, given the acrimony — dormant during the legislative session — that became public in July when de Blasio in an interview with NY1 sharply criticized Cuomo, accusing him of siding with Republicans in the state Senate over his agenda for New York City.

Cuomo, meanwhile, has stuck to simply insisting he remains respectful of de Blasio, even as some observers see the governor seeking to outmaneuver the mayor on key issues ranging from the handling of an outbreak Legionnaire’s disease to regulate ride-sharing apps statewide.

“We worked together at HUD, etc.,” Cuomo said. “This is a professional relationship. When I agree with him, I’ll tell the people of New York I agree with him. When I disagree with him, I’ll tell the people of New York I disagree with him.”

Cuomo added: “We coordinate the best we can.”

Both Cuomo and de Blasio were in Puerto Rico this week and were seen embracing before a parade.