In his strongest statement yet of support for Syrian refugees, Gov. Andrew Cuomo in an email sent Friday morning to supporters wrote “the doors are open” to New York.

Cuomo on Tuesday at the Kennedy School at Harvard chided governors across the country who had said they oppose the settlement of Syrian refugees in their states, saying they have “politicized” the issue given they have no control over federal immigration policy.

At the same time, Cuomo has said he believes the federal government is up to the task of screening refugees following the terrorist attacks in Paris last week.

“The next time the Republican candidates take to a podium, they’re going to try and confuse the issue, talk about how immigrants are the problem, to use this as a justification to make us afraid of them, and to further divide us,” Cuomo wrote in the email. “That’s not how we think in New York. Here in New York, we aren’t afraid of our immigrants, we celebrate them. As I’ve said many times before, in New York our diversity is our strength.”

He added “The Statue of Liberty is still in the harbor, and the doors are open.”

New York already has about 40 or so Syrian immigrants given refugee status who are residing in the state.

The email from Cuomo comes a day after the Republican-led House of Representatives voted to suspend the Syrian refugee program and strengthen background checks for immigrants.

In the note, Cuomo acknowledged the security concerns.

“Having said that, this is a complex issue,” he said. “We have to protect Americans. The Federal Government has to screen the people who are coming in. They have to do it right, do it exhaustively, but do so without giving up our soul as Americans.”