FitzPatrick 1Entergy has filed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to close the FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant in Oswego County, Entergy Spokesperson Tammy Holden said Wednesday.

Holden says the filing is merely procedural. They’re required to file a letter with the NRC within 30 days of their decision to close the plant.  The plant will shut its doors in late 2016 or early 2017 after the end of the current fuel cycle.

Holden says Entergy has tried “to reach a constructive and mutually beneficial agreement to avoid a shutdown” with state officials over the past two months, but talks did not merit results. “Discussions have concluded,” Holden said.

More than 600 people will lose their jobs at the plant when it closes over the next year. The decision is a major economic blow to the area, which collects a generous amount of income tax from the large payroll at FitzPatrick.

Governor Cuomo and U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer both said they would work with Entergy to keep the plant open, but this latest development indicates that effort was not enough. A spokesperson for Entergy said earlier this month that regardless of help from the state, the plant was no longer economically viable in the region.

The plant has been operating in the Scriba area for four decades this year.