Gov. Andrew Cuomo over the weekend approved a bill that is aimed at tightening requirements for those who are repeat DWI offenders and have installed ignition interlock devices on their cars.

The bill was approved after an audit from Comptroller Tom DiNapoli found that of the more than 53,000 devices installed under court order in New York City, the compliance rate was only 25 percent.

The new law allows the courts to extend the sentence of the mandated use of the devices for a DWI offender should it be discovered they have violated the terms of probation or conditional discharged.

The bill was backed in the Assembly by Democrat David Buchwald and by Republican Sen. Michael Nozzolio.

“Leandra Rosado’s story reminds us that life is precious, and in her memory New York State has taken steps to reduce the tragic loss of life due to drunk driving,” Buchwald said, referring to the inspiration for the initial ignition interlock law. “Ignition interlock devices save lives, and by granting our courts the ability to extend the period of mandated time these devices are required for repeat offenders, we will increase the chance of preventing further tragedies like Leandra’s from happening in the future. I am thankful that Governor Cuomo signed into law this initiative to reduce drunken driving and keep repeat offenders off the roadways. I wish all New Yorkers a happy and safe holiday season.”