Only 40 percent of state lawmakers elected before the most recent cycle have income other than the $79,500 and stipend pay they are given for their job as elected officials, an analysis from Common Cause New York found.

The analysis by the good-government group relied on the publicly available outside income filings made by state elected officials to the Joint Commission on Public Ethics.

The report found that of the 183 lawmakers elected prior to 2014, nearly 60 percent, or 110 of them, do not have any outside income.

The remaining 73 of those lawmakers have at least one or two sources of outside income.

Only a handful of state lawmakers in both the Senate and Assembly, about 8 percent, have outside income that stretches into the six figures.

The debate over creating a “full-time” Legislature that bars or limits state lawmakers from holding outside jobs has been rekindled in the days following the convictions of both former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and ex-Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos.

Silver was found guilty of masking bribes as legal referrals, while Skelos was convicted of aiding his son’s business interests through official actions.

The top legislative leaders in the Senate and Assembly do not hold outside jobs: Speaker Carl Heastie, an accountant by training, has made the post a full-time one; Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan stepped away from the law firm he was of counsel at, while Sen. Jeff Klein divested from the firm where he was a partner.

State lawmakers are not required to reveal the precise amount of money they earn in the private sector, but are required to divulge income ranges.

The average outside pay for state lawmakers elected before 2014 ranges between $47,216 to $80,216.

There are 38 lawmakers who have outside jobs as lawyers, listing their titles as either “partner” or “of counsel” to a law firm. The most lucrative pay for state lawmakers isn’t the law, but the insurance industry, where they earn on average $140,750, the report found.

The full roster of state lawmakers reporting outside pay, the ranges and how what they do in the private sector can be found here.