Gov. Andrew Cuomo gave a vigorous defense of immigration and the rights of immigrants on Monday in Brooklyn and blasted calls to limit refugees into the country.

Though he didn’t mention him by name, Cuomo multiple times at the conclusion of his remarks to the proposal from Republican presidential candidate and New York real-estate mogul Donald Trump to ban Muslims from entering the United States.

“We say we believe in the American dream,” Cuomo said. “You say you want to build walls. We want to open our arms and let people in.”

He added: “You want to build walls and keep the Muslims out. We believe in freedom of religion.”

Cuomo’s speech, made at the National Immigrant Integration Conference in Brooklyn, came as a Siena College poll released earlier in the morning found 90 percent of New York voters are worried a terrorist attack will occur in the near future. The poll also found 52 percent of voters support blocking Syrian refugees from settling in the country.

“It’s more casual and it’s more frequent and people are afraid,” Cuomo said of the latest terrorist threat. “When people are afraid, the natural instinct is to close up. That’s the American people’s natural instinct to fear.”

Cuomo in recent months has sought to shore up the rights of immigrant workers, especially those in low-wage industries. His office touted in a press released after the speech the state having recovered $28 million from 24,000 victims of wage theft, while the state has launched 450 investigations through a task force designed to combat worker exploitation. The state overall has spent $1.8 billion for services catered to immigrants.

Earlier in the day, Cuomo specifically knocked Trump’s proposal to ban Muslims from entering the country, saying in a CNN interview that such rhetoric helps recruit from terrorists for the Islamic State.

In his speech, Cuomo more broadly attacked anti-immigrant sentiment.

“By the way, who are you that this is our land? Are you a Navajo? Are you a Sioux? Are you an Apache? Otherwise you’re an immigrant too,” he said. “We will not allow fear to overtake optimism. We will not allow hate to overtake love. That is not the American way.”