A report released on Wednesday by state lawmakers tallied the top limited liability corporation givers to political campaigns, finding they range from top real-estate companies to high-powered law firms.

The report, released by Democratic Sen. Daniel Squadron, comes as state lawmakers grapple with yet another high-profile conviction of one of their own: former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who was found guilty of theft of honest services and money laundering, among other corruption charges.

The report traced back the donations from LLCs, through which individual donors can contributed unlimited funds to candidates and political causes.

“You shouldn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to follow the money in state elections,” Squadron said in a statement. “As we’ve seen time and time again, when unlimited, anonymous corporate dollars enter government and politics, everyday New Yorkers get muscled out. It’s time to close the LLC Loophole, once and for all.”

The report found the top LLC contributors are Tishman Speyer Development LLC; Harris Beach LLC; SL Green Management LLC; Related Sales LLC; and Hinman Straub Advisors LLC.

When linking the LLCs by their addresses, Glenwood Management and Cablevision-related addresses were highest givers in 2014.

Efforts have increased in recent months to close what good-government advocates contend is a loophole in state election law. Supports of ending the LLC giving practice sought to have it done administratively through the Board of Elections, but the push was blocked by Republican commissioners.

Squadron LLC Report by Nick Reisman