Hofstra University Hosts New York Gubernatorial DebateJimmy McMillan, the erstwhile gubernatorial and presidential candidate, is “walking away” from the Rent Is Too Damn High movement, he said in a statement released on Tuesday evening.

At the same time, McMillan said he is selling the trademark for his political party, movement and catchphrase.

McMillan came to national attention as a political novelty for his performance in a 2010 gubernatorial debate, which was subsequently lampooned on Saturday Night Live.

“I am walking away because I have know (sic) other choice the people have ignored my warning and my cry for help that the rent crisis was getting worse,” McMillan said in the statement. “The kind of help they cannot get from not one elected official, not the Governor neither Mayor can give them.”

The gloves-wearing, bespectacled and side-burns sporting McMillan did not run for governor in 2014, but did launch a short-lived campaign for president in 2012.

Press Release Quit by Nick Reisman