From the Morning Memo:

Former state senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and his son Adam are on trial for some very serious corruption charges that could send them to prison for a very long time.

But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some light-hearted moments in the courtroom — even when the topic is the Skeloses’ attempts to evade federal surveillance.

Earlier this year, Adam began going to great lengths to conceal his activities, as evidenced in secretly recorded phone calls played for jurors Tuesday. He speaks in code, describes his use of a “burner phone,” and also notes he’s begun using FaceTime, the Apple video-phone app, because it “doesn’t show up on a phone bill.”

During one call, Adam tells his dad to hang up and then accept his FaceTime call, but the elder Skelos seems befuddled by the technology.

“Can you see me?” Dean asks. “No, no, no, Dad, just hang up the phone. I’ll dial you again,” Adam says, causing ripples of laughter through the courtroom.

Even the Skeloses broke into laughter, with Adam covering his face and then giving his dad a sympathetic pat on the shoulder.

See the transcript below and after the jump:

(Phone ringing)
ADAM: Hello?
ADAM: Hey. Hey, I’m going to FaceTime you.
Accept the FaceTime, okay?
DEAN: Okay. I was — were you trying to do
ADAM: Yeah, and I’ll explain why.
DEAN: Okay. All right. Hold on.
ADAM: All right. Wait. Just, just hang up.
I’ll dial you.
DEAN: Can you see me?
ADAM: No, no, no, Dad, just hang up the phone.
I’ll dial you again.
DEAN: Oh, all right.
ADAM: Okay.
(End of call)​