Thanks, but no thanks.

That was the message from U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, the prosecutor who has netted the convictions of nearly a dozen state lawmakers, including the two former legislative leaders in the Assembly and Senate, after Republicans in the Assembly invited him to speak at the Capitol.

“Mr. Bharara respectfully declined our invitation, citing his preference to address a bipartisan forum,” said Mike Fraser, a spokesman for Minority Leader Brian Kolb. “We welcome an opportunity to participate in such an event, and will ask the other legislative leaders to extend an invitation similar to the one we offered.”

Assembly Republicans had invited Bharara last week to speak at the Capitol, seeking a similar forum in which the federal prosecutor traveled to Kentucky to discuss his public corruption cases.

Bharara’s visit could be an awkward event, however. He has bristled at what he sees as state lawmakers critical of his own prosecutions and investigations and as well as their efforts to address public corruption in state government.

Bharara earlier this month postponed a trip to Albany to speak at the Rockefeller School of Public Policy.

Also this month, Bharara announced his office had not found sufficient evidence to determine whether a federal crime had been committed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo or his administration in the reported interference and shutdown of the anti-corruption panel.

Bharara is said to be still investigation other areas of state government, including economic development programs in western New York.