The expired 421a tax abatement could become a “different program” under negotiations to revive the measure, Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Friday said.

At a news conference in New York City to provide a briefing on the pending snowstorm that is expected to impact the Metropolitan region, Cuomo said the expiration of the abatement caught most by surprised.

“I think what you’re getting is surprise there wasn’t an agreement that was reached,” Cuomo said.

In June, lawmakers and Cuomo agreed to have representatives of real-estate developers and construction labor groups hammer out an agreement on renewing the program along with a prevailing wage component. The talks, however, broken down and the abatement expired last week.

“We would need at this point a new piece of legislation,” Cuomo said. “It might be a totally different approach and a totally different program, because you have to start with a blank piece of paper.”

It’s not clear what Cuomo may have in mind for renewing the abatement or what differences he might seek. Republican Sen. Martin Golden on Thursday said in an interview he had hoped the program would be renewed within the next two weeks and not be part of the budget negotiations.

But the governor on Friday indicated a longer and more complex set of talks for 421a.

“It’s very complicated,” he said, “so it’s not done easily or quickly, I can tell you that.”