A day after Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz knocked Donald Trump and “New York values” in Thursday night’s debate, Gov. Andrew Cuomo took to the airwaves to stick up for the city.

Cuomo in a round of interviews on CNN, MSNBC and NY1 blasted Cruz’s comments in the debate in which he said “not a lot of conservatives come out of New York” which leans liberal on social and economic issues.

“If he had any class, he would apologize to the people of New York,” Cuomo said in a phone interview on NY1.

The lightning-fast round of calls to morning cable news programs to defend New York City also comes a day after Cuomo was criticized for a budget proposal that shifts the funding burden of the City University of New York and Medicaid onto New York City. Cuomo has insisted the proposals aren’t “cuts” but ways to find efficiencies.

Cuomo on Friday morning blasted Cruz for furthering the polarization of the country in his remarks about New York City.

“It’s not even true about New York,” Cuomo said. “We have a significant Conservative Party and movement in New York.”

Sarcastically, Cuomo suggested Cruz would stop fundraising in New York City.

“I’m sure he hasn’t accepted any money from New Yorkers,” Cuomo said. “I’m sure he’s going to return all the money he’s raised.”