An executive order approved by Gov. Andrew Cuomo this weekend is aimed at removing the state’s homeless from the streets during cold temperatures.

The move, first reported by The Daily News, was confirmed by the governor in an interview on NY1.

Temperatures are expected to plunge below freezing starting on Monday.

Cuomo on NY1 Sunday morning called the order a matter of basic humanity.

“Our state,” Cuomo said, “should not leave anyone outside in freezing temperatures.”

He similarly insisted the executive order wasn’t aimed at showing up Mayor Bill de Blasio, a rival Democrat he is locked in a prominent feud with that erupted in public view last year.

Critics of the mayor have charged he hasn’t done enough to tackle the homelessness issue in the city. The de Blasio administration, meanwhile, has countered homelessness has gotten worse about the state cut rental assistance in 2011.

De Blasio late last year announced a $2.6 billion plan to construct 15,000 apartments that would provide housing to people with mental illness and substance abuse problems.

Cuomo’s executive order would apply statewide, but the governor acknowledged the homeless problem is particularly acute downstate.

“I think it is a fact that homelessness is on the rise in New York City,” he said in the interview.