From the Morning Memo:

The top Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee this weekend slammed the budget proposed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo that would force New York City to shore up $800 million in funding for the City University of New York and Medicaid.

In an interview on AM 970’s Effective Radio, Krueger said Cuomo’s rhetoric at Wednesday’s State of the State and budget presentation did match what was being proposed.

“I was, frankly, quite appalled when I looked through the paper to see what was really being proposed because it was very different than the presentation that was made to all of us,” Krueger said.

Krueger did not buy the argument advanced by Cuomo in subsequent interviews that his budget actually helps the city given the massive investment in infrastructure and mass transit projects.

“The concept—and I believe it was described as such by the governor’s people—was when you have all these new things you are going to do you have to balance by cutting other things that you have been doing,” she said. “So he was basically suggesting that the reality of budget improvements in some areas had to be some sort of zero-sum game specifically for New York City. That is unacceptable and the two primary areas where he is proposing transferring enormous costs to the City of New York are the most absurd and insulting proposals.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio, whom Cuomo has been locked in a feud with that erupted in public over the summer, has said he will fight the proposed budget action “by any means necessary.”

Cuomo has insisted his spending plan for the time being is simply a proposal and that he’s trying to find inefficient spending in boy the CUNY system and Medicaid program.

Cuomo has similarly stressed his administration and the city are working closely together on budget issues.