From the Morning Memo:

Republicans hoping to keep former Majority Leader Dean Skelos’s Senate in GOP hands are continuing to step up their behind-the-scenes attacks on Democratic Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky, who is eyeing a run in the special election.

Republicans are questioning why Kaminsky, a former federal prosecutor, staunchly criticized Skelos, who was convicted of corruption last month, for filing for a $95,000-a-year pension, when he wasn’t nearly as vocal when former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver did the same.

Silver was convicted in November on corruption charges of fraud and bribery.

Both Skelos and Silver surrendered their offices (though not their seats, given Skelos’s purchase of his chamber chair for $25) upon conviction.

Republican Assemblyman Brian Curran, who is considered a Republican contender for Nassau County Senate district, knocked Kaminsky for failing to criticize Silver collecting his pension.

Kaminsky, he tweeted, has been “eerily silent” on the Silver pension.

A constitutional amendment that would strip public officials convicted of felonies of their pensions has been stuck in legislative gridlock, with the Republican-led Senate and Democratic-controlled Assembly approving differing versions last year.

Democrats have countered they plan to tie Skelos to Curran should he run, noting that he is part of the Nassau County Republican apparatus Skelos led while in office.

Nevertheless, Republicans are questioning whether Kaminsky should run, given a loss could damage the federal prosecutor’s his career.

“If Todd Kaminsky runs for this seat and loses, he will never be County Executive and he will never be Attorney General,” the GOP insider said. “His political career will be over before it even got started.”