From the Morning Memo:

What a difference a year makes.

Remember last year, when Cuomo was in full-on war mode against the teachers unions, and trying to force education reform down the Legislature’s throat by inserting it into his budget language and tying his proposals to a boost in school aid?

This year’s budget is nothing like that, though education advocates are not thrilled with the governor’s aid proposal, which falls about $1 billion short of what they were seeking.

That said, there has been an about 180-degree about-face on the governor’s part when it comes to the controversial Common Core curriculum, the opt-out movement and linking test results to teacher performance evaluations.

And instead of going on the offensive against Cuomo, one teachers union – the NYC-based UFT – is hitting the airwaves with $1.4 million ad campaign that urges New Yorkers to support the recommendations of the governor’s Common Core task force.

The 30-second spot is entitled “Working Together,” and it urges everyone to pull collectively to “support sensible and fair learning standards that help every child, in every neighborhood, succeed.”

The ad will run from Jan. 15 through Jan. 24 on local broadcast and cable TV networks in the New York area. It will be seen during the NFL playoffs, as well as Knicks and Ranger games, and during some popular shows like “Morning Joe”, “The Today Show”, “Modern Family”, “The Good Wife” and others.