From the Morning Memo:

An early line of attack for the coming Senate campaign from Republicans leveled against Democratic Assemblyman Todd Kaminsky is that he hasn’t knocked former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver for collecting his pension.

Silver, convicted on corruption charges last month, filed in December to collect his pension, as did former Majority Leader Dean Skelos following his own conviction.

But Kaminsky, now the favored candidate for Nassau County Democrats to win the Skelos seat on Long Island, hadn’t blasted Silver for filing for retirement like he did Skelos, Republicans have charged.

Only he has roundly criticized Silver broadly, calling him “immoral” in a Newsday op/ed and wrote he stole “our democracy from us.”

In the op/ed, Kaminsky used the example of Silver as the need to have lawmakers stripped of their pension when convicted of corruption.

Competing measures through a constitutional amendment designed to have state officials forfeit their pensions have passed in the Assembly and Senate.