Banning or limiting outside income is not a top-shelf issue for constituents, Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan on Tuesday said.

Flanagan disagreed with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s claim made on Monday that public pressure will lead to state lawmakers to backing new ethics legislation that includes limiting outside income to 15 percent of a legislator’s base salary, currently $79,500.

Flanagan, a Suffolk County Republican, said the real issue for most New Yorkers he has spoken to is jobs.

“The God’s honest truth is the most important thing I hear about from people is jobs,” Flanagan said. “They want economic development. They want the chance to have a good economic opportunity for them and their families, keep their kids here in the state of New York.”

As for limiting outside income?

“It is way at the bottom of the priority list,” Flanagan said. “Maybe other legislators are hearing it differently.”

A Siena College this week found most voters support curtailing outside income, 59 percent to 35 percent. But at the same time, most voters list pocketbook-related matters as top issues for state government: 44 percent believe education should be the top issue, followed by taxes at 39 percent and jobs at 31 percent.

As for applying public pressure, Flanagan shrugged that concern off.

“There are opportunities to get pressured on all kinds of issues,” Flanagan said. “If that’s going to come from public pressure, so be it. I think we have rational arguments why it’s not a good idea.”

Cuomo introduced the outside income measure in his State of the State last month after both legislative leaders were ousted from office following convictions on corruption charges.