A day after Western New York Republican Chris Collins became the first sitting congressional representative to back Donald Trump for President, he took things a step further. During an appearance on CNN, Collins forcefully defended the GOP frontrunner.

When asked by Jake Tapper if past comments that some deem demeaning to women would be used against Trump by Democrats in the general election, Collins was quick to respond.

“I can tell you the republican response is ‘Anyone but Hillary.’ I don’t know that Hillary would even have the audacity to take Donald Trump on his stance with women, given her stance with Monica Lewinsky and her husband and all of the past misdeeds of Bill Clinton. She basically stood by her husband and all of his actions and in fact demonized the very victim of his actions. I don’t think Hillary Clinton would even then be as disingenuous to suggest she’s going to go after Bill,” Collins said.

The former Erie County Executive, a successful businessman himself, isn’t necessarily known to make biting partisan attacks. Collins response may signal Trump’s best argument to unify the GOP if he does win the primary.

“Again, anyone but Hillary,” Collins said.