Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday to reporters declined to comment on New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s endorsement of Republican presidential contender Donald Trump, but later excoriated and mocked the candidate at a rally for Democrat Hillary Clinton.

In Syracuse, Cuomo said he didn’t want to weigh in on Christie’s full-bore backing of Trump saying, “I don’t comment on Republican politics. I have enough trouble keeping up with Democratic politics.”

Later in the day, Cuomo blasted Trump’s policies at a rally for Clinton at the Javits Center in New York City.

A portion of the speech in which Cuomo derided Trump’s proposal for a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border was excerpted in a release from the state Democratic Committee, which the governor controls.

“We make a long list. We write down all the immigrants on the list, and then we kick them all out,” Cuomo said. “And then to make sure they don’t come back, we build a wall – the wall, the big wall, a long wall, a thousand mile wall, like the China wall, but wider, but higher, but nicer, I’m going to build a wall, but don’t worry, the wall is a beautiful wall.”

Cuomo also knocked Republicans for using “fear and anxiety to foster their political agenda.”