The state’s top legislative leaders on Wednesday said a pay commission charged with reviewing executive and legislative branch commission was never meant to also consider whether the Legislature should be a full-time entity.

The pay panel held a meeting in Albany today, its second since its formation to review pay of elected and appointed officials in New York government.

Panel members have said one consideration in formulating a pay proposal is whether an agreement is reached this year on capping or limiting outside pay of lawmakers or if the Senate and Assembly become “full-time” posts that ban outside pay.

“I think what the commission in our minds was set up was what is the requisite pay and what is the pay scale is,” Speaker Carl Heastie said. “Those are the definitions. Other considerations around income are not what they’re charged to do.”

Lawmakers and Gov. Andrew Cuomo are not expected to strike an agreement on ethics legislation within the $154 billion budget agreement, which is due next Thursday.

Cuomo’s proposal to cap outside pay to 15 percent of the current base salary in the Legislature, $79,500, has been opposed by Senate Republicans. Assembly Democrats are open to an outside pay cap, but one with a higher income threshold that is tied to judicial pay.

Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan said lawmakers would be willing to consider ethics reforms outside of the context of the state budget.

“I don’t know anybody who doesn’t work full time,” he said. “The notion that we’re somehow a part-time Legislature is a misnomer.”