The feeling among many local politicians is it’s just a matter of time until Donald Trump announces a campaign trip to Buffalo. Western New York’s lead Trump supporter Carl Paladino said as much last week.

While Paladino either doesn’t have or couldn’t disclose any details yet about where a Trump event would take place, months ago he floated the idea of the First Niagara Center. If that’s the case it could cause raise some issues for the City of Buffalo and Erie County which own the property and the building, respectively.

“We wouldn’t prohibit Mr. Trump from holding an event there just like we wouldn’t prohibit any candidate from holding an event there just because we might disagree with the policies or worried about issues associated with security,” Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz, D, said.

It wouldn’t be the first time the arena has hosted a political event. Bill Clinton, for instance, gave a speech to 18,000 people there in 1999.

But Poloncarz has some concerns about the violent turn Trump rallies have taken recently. He says, if the rally was at FNC, it would likely draw supporter of all the presidential candidates and could create an angry environment.

“The last thing we want to see in Buffalo is what happened in other parts of the country where you saw fist fights in the crowd at Trump rallies because that would just be, it would look bad for our community and I know our community is better than that,” he said.

Another issue is cost. In the past the city, county and state troopers have all been involved to ensure the safety of the candidates that come to town.

“If you did have an event at the First Niagara Center, you’re talking about thousands of individuals and you need to have ample level of security there. I would have to look into it and see if there would be a charge to the campaign for the additional costs. Usually the municipalities are responsible for that cost but in a situation like this it’s beyond what we normally deal with,” Poloncarz said.

Erie County Emergency Services, the Sheriff’s Office and Buffalo Police provide detail for every event at the arena. Poloncarz said if there is a rally there the county would work with the city to make plans.