Medical marijuana producer Vireo Health on Tuesday said Google had rejected two more advertisements after the company pushed to have its ads included with the search engine.

Vireo last week wrote to Google’s co-founders raising concerns with the company rejecting ads that use the words “medical marijuana” or “medical cannabis” based on its AdWords policy.

“We are shocked and dismayed that Google chose to retaliate instead of engaging in a constructive dialogue,” said Ari Hoffnung, CEO of Vireo Health of New York. We continue to call on Google to stay true to their ‘do no evil’ corporate values and lift those restrictions preventing us from freely communicating with New Yorkers suffering from life-threatening and debilitating conditions like cancer, ALS and HIV/AIDS.”

Vireo insist that because it’s a medical-based business, Google would not be violating its policy by allowing the company to advertise through its search engine.

Vireo officials said on Tuesday they’ve sought to have Google company representatives discuss the situation, but the company is yet to respond to those entreaties.