The City of Buffalo may be resorting to literally paying its students to go to school. Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown, D, proposed $60,000 in funding to provide incentives to students and families with good attendance including tablets and $150 gift cards.

“We have seen some troubling stats that in some grades we do have high absenteeism so this is a strategy to partner with our Buffalo Public Schools,” Brown said.

It’s just one of the initiatives the mayor proposed as he presented his budget for the 2016-2017 fiscal year. It also includes the third $200,000 installment of a four-year pledge to Say Yes to Education.

Another eye-catching proposal, Brown plans to spend $500,000 to equip every on-duty Buffalo police officer with an iPad. He said Buffalo would be the first large city in the country to do this.

“The iPad has dozens more features that the police officers can utilize, GPS is one of those features, the ability to take crime scene photos and immediately load those into reports,” he said.

The administration also plans to start a Lead Awareness Education Program. Although the county is responsible for abatement, high lead levels in blood has become a major area of concern, particularly in the city.

The mayor’s budget also focuses on helping Minority and Women owned businesses and provides $500,000 to run a small business resource center on the city’s east side. He said he will be making a series of executive orders to continue to support those business owner’s soon.

“When you talk about having a center that’s there not just for women and minority businesses but also for small business that are based in the city of Buffalo, to me that speaks volumes of the direction of this city,” Common Council President Darius Pridgen said.

The budget represents less than a 1-percent increase from last year and there would be no increase in property taxes. The common council still needs to approve it.