From the Morning Memo:

Hillary Clinton’s stance on increasing the federal minimum wage is more realistic and do-able than what’s begin sought by her rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Bernie Sanders.

That’s according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who in an interview on NY1 after last night’s Brooklyn debate said the exchange over the wage issue highlighted the main differences between the two candidates.

“To me it was a perfect window in what this campaign has become about,” Cuomo said. “Both say raise the minimum wage, both say get to $15, Senator Clinton says you have to have to have some nuance in the issue.”

Clinton backs increasing the federal floor to $12, and has supported individual states, like New York and California, to hike their wage higher to $15.

During last night’s debate, Clinton said she would sign a $15 wage bill into law if it passes Congress. But at the same time, Clinton believes pushing for $12 is the more realistic option for Congress.

The New York wage agreement was a product of Cuomo-like pragmatism itself. The wage is set to grow to $15 in New York City and the downstate suburbs over the next several years. Upstate, the wage hits $12.50, with future increases linked to an economic analysis.

Cuomo has insisted the phase ins are needed in order to help businesses adjust.

“Bernie Sanders makes it sound like you can get to $15 tomorrow,” Cuomo said.

Meanwhile, Cuomo was dismissive of Sander’s response when question about his record on gun control. Sanders has defended his position on guns, considering that he comes from a rural state with few gun deaths and loose firearms laws.

But Cuomo said he had taken a political hit of his own in rural areas after passing the SAFE Act, a controversial gun control law.

“New York has a rural part,” he said. “It’s called upstate new york. I took a pounding in my populairty from rural communities. We’re not that symapthetic in New York state. It’s the tough votes that count.”