Gov. Andrew Cuomo this weekend reaffirmed the power of Attorney General Eric Schneiderman to investigate and prosecutor cases in which civilians are killed during interactions with law enforcement.

The move comes as Schneiderman’s office is suing Rensselaer County District Attorney Joel Abelove, who is accused of moving forward on his own with a case involving the April 17 death of Edson Thevenin.

The reaffirmation is an amendment to the initial executive order issued by Cuomo last year in which he gave the attorney general the power of special prosecutor to pursue cases in which police kill civilians to specifically include the Thevenin case.

Abelove had presented evidence to a grand jury after Thevenin was killed following a chase with police in Troy. The grand jury ultimately declined to indict police officers involved in the shooting.

Schneiderman was granted the special prosecutor status last year after a series of incidents in which civilians died during interactions with police, but grand juries in certain cases chose to not indict law enforcement officers involved.

Cuomo has said giving Schneiderman the authority to pursue the cases removes concerns locally elected district attorneys are to close with police officers to investigate and prosecute such cases.

Schneiderman by Nick Reisman