From the Morning Memo:

Some 40,000 Verizon workers represented by CWA are entering the sixth week of the biggest strike in recent history, sparked by contract impasse with their employer, and are receiving some support from local governments across the state.

A number of local governments have passed or are considering resolutions declaring solidarity with the striking workers, and some – including the Long Island town of Babylon, which passed a measure last night – are pledging not to enter into any new Verizon contracts and also to review existing contracts for potential termination.

“We deeply appreciate the support of elected leaders and communities willing to stand up to Verizon and stand with the workers who are fighting to keep good, middle-class jobs that pay medical bills and put food on the table,” said Robert Master, assistant to the vice president of CWA District One.

The Town of New Paltz is scheduled to consider a similar resolution today, and the City of Syracuse will follow suit next Monday.

A number of state and federal elected officials have stood with striking Verizon workers on the picket lines, and Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders did the same in advance of the New York presidential primary last month.

So far, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has declined to get involved in the battle between Verizon and CWA, which also happens to be a key union player in the Working Families Party, though he has stepped in to ended similar impasses before.

The WFP has pledged to mobilize its members across New York to try to pressure more local elected officials to stop doing business with Verizon. CWA also plans to ask the state Procurement Council later this month not to enter into any new contracts with the company.

“Elected officials across our state have a clear choice: They can stand with courageous workers on strike to preserve good jobs, or side with corporations like Verizon trying to move jobs overseas to keep even more of their billions of dollars in profits,” said WFP State Director Bill Lipton.