The outside consulting work as reported by a former top aide to Gov. Andrew Cuomo in 2014 is a possible violation of the law, Deputy Senate Majority Leader John DeFrancisco said in a Capital Tonight interview.

“If in fact what it is alleged here, there probably is a violation of existing law,” DeFrancisco said.

Financial disclosure filings made available this week show Percoco reported earning as much as $125,000 in consulting fees from COR Development and CHA Consulting, two firms that have business before the state.

The same year, Percoco was running the re-election campaign for Gov. Andrew Cuomo and had left the state payroll. He returned to the executive chamber in 2015, but left earlier this year for an executive position at Madison Square Garden.

The governor this week said he had been told Percoco was potentially in line for consulting work in the private sector, but was not told of the specifics.

It’s unclear what work Percoco was doing for both companies and the law prohibits him from registering as a lobbyist so soon after leaving state employment.

“I don’t know all the circumstances,” DeFrancisco said, “but I know if I retired this year, there’s a certain period of time that you cannot lobby.”

Still, DeFrancisco was sympathetic, in general, to allegations made against people that are raised in reported investigations.

“The problem is whether it’s Joe Percoco or whether it’s a senator or assemblyperson, it’s almost is a person is presumed guilty now a a days if you happen to be in government,” he said. “I would like to see this whole issue played out, what the results of an investigation are and make some decisions.”