Comptroller Tom DiNapoli recommended a series of changes to how the state spends and borrows money, moves his office says would enhance transparency in the state’s fiscal policy.

The report released Wednesday includes recommendations for reform to discretionary lump sum spending, restrictions on so-called “backdoor spending” through public authorities and further limits on state debt through the constitution.

“Too often New York’s approach to budgeting obscures spending and borrowing,” DiNapoli said. “The Governor and the Legislature deserve credit for putting the state on stronger financial footing, but it is time to fix the persistent problems and improve New York’s fiscal practices. Adoption of the reforms I am proposing would help put our state’s finances on a stronger path forward.”

The report points to the billions of dollars in discretionary pots of funds that are approved in the budget without clear details on where and how the money will ultimately be spent. At the same time, DiNapoli says the state should bolster its reserve funds, also known as “rainy day” funds in order to better prepare for the economic downturn.

Despite a debt reform measure in 2000, the state’s debt burden continues in part due to economic conditions. The state should ban “backdoor borrowing practices” with the state the second most indebted since California.

Fiscal Reform 2016 by Nick Reisman