State Senator Martin Golden says having Donald Trump as the Republican nominee in the race for president will help the GOP not only maintain their majority in the State Senate come November, it may even help them gain a few more seats.

Donald Trump is now the presumptive nominee for his party ahead of the Republican National Convention in July after Texas Senator Ted Cruz dropped his bid Tuesday night and Ohio Governor John Kasich was confirmed to suspend his campaign later Wednesday.

The Senate Republican conference met with Kasich last month ahead of the New York primary and Golden says “we’ve all met with Mr. Trump before and he’s supported our conference in the past.”

They have not announced an endorsement for a particular candidate, though Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan has said he will support whoever ends up as the nominee.

With the delicate balance of power in the State Senate after Democrat Todd Kaminsky’s win last month, both parties are placing their focus on November. Golden says Trump’s role as the nominee will be a boost for the conference.

“I think Donald Trump will bring a tremendous number of people to the polls, bring new people out to the polls and give us an oopportunity,” Golden said. “Just in my area alone … he got 80 percent of the vote. The same thing in Staten Island of the great city and state.”

“There are areas that he will definitely help us in this great state.”

After Kaminsky’s win, there are technically 32 Democrats in the 63-member chamber. Republicans still maintain the majority because five of those Democrats (the Independent Democratic Conference) have entered into a coalition with the Republicans, and another one of the Democrats is known to conference with the GOP.

A recent Siena poll shows Trump more than 20 points behind Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton among New York voters, but Golden says that margin will most likely slim in the coming months now that Trump is the presumptive nominee.

“A week in politics is a long time, nevermind four or five months,” Golden said. “When it comes down to voting for Hillary Clinton or Mr. Sanders in November I am sure that the people of this great state and this great nation will go for the leader that’s going to bring this great country into the future and make us again great.”