Representatives from the campaigns of both Bob Bishop and Andrew Heaney will appear in Poughkeepsie court next Friday to resolve a dispute over ballot signatures from the Bishop campaign, a source knowledgeable of the situation confirmed.

The Heaney campaign has filed litigation over the signatures, alleging they are fraudulent. Ahead of that court date, the Bishop campaign says they will try to validate as many of their signatures as possible.

The Bishop campaign confirmed Thursday that they have hired an attorney ahead of the court date. They say they were given notice of the litigation last week.

“We are confident that this effort by Mr. Heaney’s insider consultants and his high paid lawyers will fail just as it did at the Board of Elections,” the Bishop campaign said in a statement.

Heaney’s campaign had previously appealed to the Board of Elections to invalidate Bishop’s signatures, but that appeal was thrown out.

Bishop collected 1,900 signatures for the ballot ahead of the deadline last month, with more than 1,300 declared valid by the Board of Elections. If the court rules in favor of the Heaney campaign, Bishop will not appear on the ballot, bringing the Republican primary in the 19th Congressional District down to two candidates.