Two of the Republicans running in the 19th congressional district on Tuesday agreed to a series of debates ahead of the June primary.

The day began with Heaney calling on Faso, a former Assembly minority leader who likely enjoys higher name recognition with voters in the district given that he was once an elected official, to hold six debates ahead of the primary.

“As the turnout for the Presidential primary showed, voters are energized and want to hear directly from the candidates about how they will finally change the culture of corruption and back scratching that permeates Washington,” Heaney said in a statement.

Not missing a beat, Faso agreed in a statement released by his campaign 20 minutes later.

At the same time, Faso’s campaign called for the third GOP candidate in the race, Bob Bishop, to be included. Heaeny’s campaign allies have sought to challenge Bishop’s ballot position.

“John Faso accepts,” said Faso spokesman Bill O’Reilly. “He’s happy to inform voters about Andrew Heaney’s history of donating to President Obama, and we suspect that Mr. Bishop may want to talk about Mr. Heaney’s ongoing attempts to disenfranchise him.”

The 19th congressional district is being vacated this year by Republican Rep. Chris Gibson, who announced Monday he would not run for governor in 2018 and instead take a job at Williams College.