Republican congressional candidate Andrew Heaney formally endorsed presumptive president nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday and urged New Yorkers to unify around his candidacy.

Heaney, who faces a three-way contest for the Republican nomination in next month’s congressional primary, had previously announced he had voted for Trump in New York’s April 19 presidential primary.

At the same time, Heaney knocked his chief rival for the nomination, John Faso, saying that should Trump have followed through with his plan to run for governor in 2014, lobbyists in Albany would have been dealt a blow.

“Imagine Albany today if Donald Trump was Governor. John Faso and his lobbyist buddies would be on the sidelines, powerless, instead of selling out the voters for pipelines or big pharma profits,” Heaney said in a statement.

“People are fed up with Washington – a place where good ideas and better ideals go to die at the hands of lobbyists, monied interests and the career politicians who poll test everything down to which side of bed to get out of in the morning,” he added.

Rep. Chris Gibson, the man Heaney hopes to replace in Congress, has been critical of Trump, saying he would have concerns with the controversial mogul in charge of the nation’s military. Gibson in a Capital Tonight interview on Monday said he wrote in Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan in the presidential primary.

Trump on Tuesday coasted to a victory in the Indiana primary and, with Texas Sen. Ted Cruz dropping his bid, was declared the “presumptive” nominee of the party by RNC Chairman Reince Preibus.

Trump last month handily won the New York primary, winning nearly every county save for Manhattan, which backed Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who remains in the race.