Republican congressional candidate Andrew Heaney on Friday became one of the first in New York to knock President Obama’s administration for advising public schools in the country to provide access to bathrooms for students based on their gender identity.

In a statement, Heaney compared the call — which came in the form of a letter — to the Common Core education standards, drawing a comparison over local control for school districts.

“It’s Common Core for restrooms and just the latest reason why we need to get the federal government out of schools and out of our lives,” Heaney said.

The letter from the Obama administration instructs school districts that students should be given access to bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity. The issue of public bathroom usage based on gender or gender identity briefly became an issue pushed by Sen. Ted Cruz during his presidential campaign, though his stance had little impact with Republican primary voters.

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has said he doesn’t oppose people using bathrooms that correspond with their gender identity.

“Whether it’s Obamacare, Common Core or an assault on our 2nd Amendment rights, this directive is part and parcel of the attitude in Washington that distrusts and actually holds in disdain the American people and wants to micromanage our lives,” Heaney said.

The 19th congressional district in the Hudson Valley is being vacated by Republican Chris Gibson. Heaney faces Republican John Faso in a GOP primary next month.