Republican congressional candidate Andrew Heaney on Friday renewed his calls for federal and state water quality hearings after Taconic Plastics in Petersburgh was declared a state superfund site after a chemical contamination was discovered in the town.

“What is the mystery?” Heaney said in a statement. “How many more communities need to go through this type of uncertainty and fear? Would Governor Cuomo and Speaker Heastie be more interested if these communities were named New York City or Buffalo?”

Rep. Chris Gibson, the Republican incumbent who retires this year and Heaney is vying to replace, has called for federal hearings on the contamination issues in the area, which this year also included the village of Hoosick Falls.

“I commend Congressman Gibson for joining my call for federal hearings, with the news in Petersburgh it’s clear the scope of the problem and the need for investigation is greater and more imminent than ever,” Heaney said.

The Democratic-led Assembly had initially suggested it would hold water quality hearings as well, but those plans never materialized. Speaker Carl Heastie this week said the issues facing Hoosick Falls had been largely resolved and the governor’s office had responded with its own task force to respond to water contamination issues.

In the wake of the DEC’s decision to designate Petersburgh as a Superfund site due to PFOA contamination, Republican candidate for Congress Andrew Heaney renewed his call for public hearings.

Also this week, the Environmental Protection Agency announced it had set a new standard for PFOA in water which lowers the parts per trillion level for safety.