Save for a major surprise when absentee ballots are counted, the school board race is over but Carl Paladino and his 18-year-old opponent Austin Harig are still trading barbs. Harig is now threatening to sue Paladino over statements he made shortly after the unofficial election results came in Tuesday night.

Paladino was clearly upset after losing his majority coalition and nearly being upset by the high school senior. He lashed out at the “collusive” group he said voted for Harig.

“They’ve elected an 18-year-old kid who wants to have a career but who was just suspended from school for tardiness and not showing up while he’s running for office,” he said.

Harig was not happy when he heard that sound bite. He asked for our video or a full transcription of our interview with Carl (we don’t do that).

Now he wants to bring a lawsuit against Paladino for violating the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy act. He said a board member should not be disclosing his private educational record.

“He used his position as an educational official to go and get that information and it wasn’t publicized by me, and then he made it public, and that’s a violation of the law,” Harig said.

Thursday, Paladino said he heard “on the street” that Harig was suspended.

“I did not violate any FERPA law. I suggest that if he wants to sue me, he go right ahead, because I have no reason to believe in this kid having any credibility whatsoever. He can dream and fantasize any way he wants, I don’t play that game and I certainly don’t violate the law,” Paladino said.

Harig said he doesn’t have enough money to afford an attorney and is looking for someone to take the case pro bono. As for why he never mentioned he was suspended, Harig said he wasn’t trying to hide anything but didn’t think it was a big deal.